Prompt Workbench

Build better prompts faster with managed test data

Lightning fast test & training examples for your LLM apps

Build a repository of examples to test your prompts against
Our AI helps you breeze through production data to identify errors
We help you effortlessly expand your examples to create fine-tuning training sets


Easily manage test examples for your prompts

Iterating on prompts requires good test cases to know if you're actually improving things. Build a library of test cases for each logical prompt and we'll test every test case against every prompt variant and track your prompt performance.


Flag incorrect responses in production to add to your test examples

Your users will amaze you with the inputs they come up with! Our AI will flag results that are likely to be wrong and our customizable UI was built for speed - fly through examples to visually identify anything that looks off.


If prompts can't cut it, we help you build a fine-tuning training set in record time

Even the most advanced prompts can only handle so much variety and can only go so fast. Our AI helps you expand your example repository into a fine-tuning training set by defining a set of transformations to make to your examples (e.g. "rephrase but keep the meaning the same" or "copy the structure but with different subjects"). And we even make manual examples quick and easy to add.

The best data wins

LLMs are magic with the right data

Ad hoc example management puts a limit on how good your prompts can be. Great, systematically-maintained example data ensures that each iteration of your prompts only gets better.

Every example, run against every prompt
Simple production data collection
Use more powerful models to flag possible errors
Expand examples to fine tuning training sets effortlessly

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